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The BloKart landsailer is a portable, wind-powered go-kart designed in New Zealand.

See a short film on blokarting on the BBC Website (Pure Adventure are not responsible for external content).

St. Ouen’s Bay, with its fresh winds and 5 miles of beach, provides a perfect location for BloKarting in Jersey. While fun for the individual, BloKarting is an exhilarating group activity, as you get the chance to race your friends or family around the triangular course.

Competing on equal terms, it will be down to the skill of the driver to determine who finishes on top of the podium. With speeds capable of up to 90km/hour, this is go-kart racing Jersey style!

Pure Adventure is the ONLY licensed BloKart operator and supplier for the Channel Islands.

The Karts are fully assembled for your session on arrival and after the safety brief you are ready to experience 1 hour of exhilarating PURE ADRENALINE.




Booking Information:

BloKarting sessions include: Full tuition, trial track, safety helmet 

After the brief tuition, participants are free to use the massive stretch of beach to test out the speed and thrill of sailing a Blokart!  

BloKarting venue:  Le Braye, St Ouen.  The instructor will meet you on the left hand side of the slipway, on the beach.

What you need to bring with you: Comfortable shoes e.g. trainers.  Long trousers are advised.  Dress suitably in layers for the weather conditions.  Sunscreen for sunny conditions, waterproof layers if there has been rain. You may also want gloves and sunglasses.

Session duration: 1 hour (approximately)

Age: 9+

Minimum group size: 2 adults, or 3 children

Maximum group size:  10 (please contact us if you are interested in larger group bookings)

Cost:  Adults (17+) £30, Children £20

Group discounts available for 8 or more people

To book this activity, please contact the office

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“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

William Arthur Ward


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