Bear Grylls enjoying Zorbing with Pure Adventure


Zorbing is the latest and greatest adventure activity to come out of New Zealand. Yes, that's right – New Zealand - the innovative little country at the bottom of the world (next to the penguins) that brought you Bungee Jumping, Hobbits, and a range of other crazy things to do while on vacation!!



Double trouble in our Zorb!


Zorbing basically consists of running along (and falling) inside a huge transparent inflatable sphere. To make it even more fun, 2 kids can go in it together.  Expect to be tumbling all over the place.

Children love having fun in the huge plastic Zorb. Running inside this 3-metre diameter hamster ball is a thrill as the faster they run the more it spins, making their feet fly, and they scream out in delight as they somersault around the cushioned plastic interior. A big favourite for parties of 8-12 year olds.

Zorb Adventure Birthday Parties

Cost: To hire out the Zorb ball with Safety Instructors, the cost is £250 per hour.  During this time as many kids as you want can go in the Zorb ball!!!!

On average 10 children can have a several turns each in a one hour period....

To find out availability and book your Zorb adventure, please contact our office

and how about some Blokarting or Abseiling, adrenaline all the way!

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