Beach Luau
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Beach Luau Away Day

How about spending a day out of the office to motivate your staff and thank them for their hard work? We can entertain 40-100 people on the beach and set up a selection of games that Pure Adventure staff can organise for you.

The cost for this event would be £500. This works out to be £5 per person (100 participants)

Nordic Skiis Game

Penguin Rubber Ring Relay Race

Bomb the Sandcastle

Tug of War

Buried Treasure

Hula Contest

Beach Volleyball

Ultimate Frisbee

Beach Petanque

Limbo Contest

Space Hopper Race

All of these games are best enjoyed when played with teams of 5 to 6 players a side. When organising an event for a large group of people we set up all the games in advance. Those who are really enthusiastic can take part in all of the games, rotating from one to the next, whilst those who are not so keen to compete in the more active games can choose to play beach petanque or build sandcastles.

We usually take about an hour to set everything up and then staff are employed to explain the rules and act as a referee to take scores for the teams.

These games are the perfect way to get people to know their colleagues in a fun environment and they will certainly have a lot to chat about the next day.

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