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Island RIB Voyages is the longest established RIB trip, tour and charter provider in Jersey. All of out trips are design with customer enjoyment in mind and all of our skippers are knowledgeable and fully qualified to operate our Category 4 10M Humber RIB. Jersey is ideally placed in the British Isles and most locations can be reached within 30 minutes. We take particular care and attention to the Wild life and all of our Charters/Tours to any of the Jersey's "Ramsar" sites follow the guidelines issued by the Ramsar Management Authority (RMA).

Les Ecrehous from £40.00pp (2 Hours)

The Écréhous (or Les Écréhous; in Jèrriais: Êcrého) are a group of islands and rocks situated six miles north-east of Jersey (eight miles from France). They form part of the Bailiwick of Jersey and are administratively part of the Parish of St. Martin.

Minquiers from £50.00pp (2 Hours)

The Minquiers (Les Minquiers; in Jèrriais: Les Mîntchièrs; nicknamed "the Minkies" in local English) are a group of islands and rocks situated 9 miles south of Jersey forming part of the Bailiwick of Jersey. They are administratively part of the Parish of Grouville.

Sark from £70.00pp (7/8 Hours)

Sark (French: Sercq; Sercquiais: Sèr or Cerq) is a small island geographically located in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, with its own set of laws based on Norman law and its own parliament. It has a population of about 600. Sark's economy depends primarily on tourism. Sark has an area of 2.10 square miles (5.44 km2).

Herm from £70.00pp (7/8 Hours)

Herm (Guernésiais: Haerme) is the smallest of the Channel Islands that is open to the public and is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Cars are banned from the small island just like its Channel Island neighbour, Sark. Unlike Sark, bicycles are also banned. However, Herm does allow quad bikes and tractors for the locals.

Carteret from £55.00pp (4/5 Hours)

Barneville-Carteret is a commune in the Manche department in the Basse-Normandie region in north-western France. It is situated on the western coast of the Cotentin peninsula some 30 km south of Cherbourg. It consists of three small urban areas, Barneville Bourg, Barneville Plage and Carteret. The principal economic activities are tourism, farming and fishing. Carteret is just 30 minutes way from Jersey and the traveller requires a valid passport.

Guernsey from £70.00pp (7/8 hours)

Is the second biggest Island in the Brisith Isles, and although Guernsey is geographically much closer to France than the UK, it is loyal to the British crown. Guernsey is very similar to Jersey in the sense that it is used as a hub for the finance industry, however, it keeps its maritime tradition and links open by the many cruise ships seen anchored outside St Peter Port habour.

Iles Chausey from £70.00pp (7/8 Hours)

Chausey is a group of small islands, islets and rocks off the coast of Normandy, south from Jersey. It lies 17 kilometres (11 mi) from Granville, and forms a quartier of the Granville commune. Chausey is outsise Jersey territorial waters and a valid passport is required to disembark. There are no scheduled transport links between Chausey and Jersey, however, we are happy to assist with trips to this wonderful destination.

St Malo (please call)

Saint-Malo is a walled port city in Brittany in northwestern France on the English Channel. It is a sous-préfecture of the Ille-et-Vilaine département. Saint-Malo has 50,000 inhabitants, but that number can increase to up to 200,000 in the summer tourist season. With the suburbs, the population is about 135,000.

Granville £70.00pp (please call)

Granville is situated on the Cotentin Peninsula at the mouth of Bosq and Pointe du Roc (Cap Lihou) which in part closes in the north of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. Granville, like many French ports is very tidal and travel requires careful consideration and a valid passport, but once there, you can indulge the good food and wine in one of the many restaurants by the harbour.

If there is a destination that you would like to go but it is not listed, please call the office or email us and we would be more than happy to provide you with your custom trip.

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