£250.00per party
Apr – Sept
Active Months
2 hours
Min Age

Zorbing consists of running along (and falling) inside a huge transparent inflatable sphere. To make it even more fun, 2 kids can go in it together. Expect to be tumbling all over the place.

Children love having fun in the huge plastic Zorb. Running inside this 3-metre diameter hamster ball is a thrill as the faster they run the more it spins, making their feet fly, and scream out in delight as they somersault around the cushioned plastic interior. This party is a big favourite for 6-11 year olds.

This activity can only be run on a large area of soft grass. We can recommend areas to use if your garden area is not suitable.

This activity is restricted to children due to the weight limit requirement within the plastic Zorb.

Location: The venue has to be pre-arranged, but often set up at customer’s home gardens. We can arrange other suitable outdoor grassy public areas to Zorb.

The minimum party size for this activity would be 8 children and a maximum of 14. We transport the Zorb to the venue of choice and usually bring along other field games for a two hour party.

The minimum age to participate is 6 years and maximum age is 12 years.

Cost: £250 for a two hour party

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